We want you to buy our products and here’s why…..

  • ……because we sell pure, natural and sustainable products especially curated, handcrafted and sourced from organic farmers, village level entrepreneurs and women self- help groups from more than 100 villages in the states of Haryana, Rajasthan & Uttarakhand.
  • …..because we work on the philosophy that small is sustainable and that the technologies used for production should be simple, robust and affordable.
  • …..because we ensure that the raw materials used for all our products are free from chemicals and harsh ingredients and the products themselves are nature friendly and predominantly based on local produce which is grown organically.
  • …..because the produce is processed and packaged at source providing an unconditional guarantee of unique freshness & quality.
  • …..because the discerning consumers will recognize the distinct difference, the very first time they use our products.
  • …..because by purchasing from Sattvic you not only do good for yourself and your near and dear ones but also do good for the environment by using eco-friendly, sustainable & ethically sourced products.

We want you to buy these products from us and here’s why…..

  • ……..because we do what is right for the customer. If our products are of no value to them, their money is of no value to us.

  • …….because in keeping with the traditional concept of our name Sattvic (Satvik of Sanskrit origin) meaning that which is endowed with sattva( goodness), that which is essential, basic, true, genuine, honest, sincere, virtuous & amiable , we are committed to providing such products to consumers which would enable them to pursue a pure, natural, healthier, cleaner, safer and sustainable way of living.

We want you to buy these products from us now, and here’s why…..

  • ……because we are confident of meeting & exceeding your expectations and are ready & excited to welcoming you to our “Sattvic” family .

And if you still don’t find our products satisfactory, we’ll replace them; no questions asked.

Go Sattvic!